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Quite simply, our clients are people.

We do not represent corporations, insurance companies, or defendants. We represent plaintiffs—people of all ages, lifestyles, backgrounds, work experiences, and economic levels who share the unfortunate experience of being injured through another person’s negligence or behavior.

Showing all clients the same attention and respect, we help them navigate their case and keep them involved in every decision. Most of our clients have never hired a lawyer before. Our open, approachable style makes working together comfortable and complements our commitment to helping clients get what they are entitled to—no more and no less.


$4.5+ million settlement

Single vehicle auto accident resulting in spinal cord injury. Settlement of claims against multiple parties.

$1.5 million settlement

Steel worker hit by a bulldozer operated by another contractor, requiring multiple back surgeries.

$1.5 million settlement

Read end crash, elderly woman died as a result of a distracted driver.

$1,100,000 settlement

Security guard hurt in fall caused by an outside contractor. Multiple back surgeries.

$450,000 settlement

Homeowner requires back operation after basement stairs collapsed. Claim against builder.

$260,000 settlement

Product liability settlement with major car manufacturer on behalf of mechanic who suffered a deep gash to leg when rear window of SUV fractures during repair.

$100,000 settlement

Child bitten on the face by neighbor’s dog. Settlement for policy limits of neighbor’s homeowner’s insurance ($100,000) and contribution to settlement from apartment complex owners who were aware dog had previously bitten another child.

$88,000 settlement

Driver of oil delivery truck rear-ended by intoxicated driver suffers lumbar disc bulge. No surgery or lost time from work.

$80,000 settlement

Driver rear-ended by distracted motorist, damaged rotator cuff requiring arthroscopic surgery.

$50,000 settlement

Passenger in car hit by speeding motorcyclist who dies at the scene. Passenger awarded settlement for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


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    Note: While certain kinds of accidents and misfortune can be grouped together for general comment, every case Mr. Motel handles has been and will be unique; no two case are the “same.” Every case requires exploration of the facts and circumstances before a responsible and ethical lawyer can render advice.